January Trial

We are now in our trial month. We put our rubbish bin outside in the shed. The first time I found it irriating was when I went to put a piece of dental floss in it (still don’t have an alternative to dental floss). Spent ages pouring through recipe books trying to find things we can eat. There will be lots of beans and lentils consumed before we can come up with more ideas. Matthew was disappointed to find out he couldn’t buy most diary products, tofu and falafel. We could eat meat by taking our own bag to the butcher, or recycling the plastic bag it comes in from the delli, but we don’t often buy meat as we find we eat enough of it when we are out. We’ll have a go at making our own naan bread and tortillas, got as far as downloading some recipes.

We also have been busy outside, we are now ready to build a dog poo self composting toilet, aka pit, also handy for fingernails, chiken bones etc. The great thing about it is that it has a lid and is rodent proof (we jut bought a recycled plastic bin and cut the bottom out of it). We’ll get some sawdust to sprinkle in so it doesn’t get smelly. What else? we bought a bucket – stainless steel for $25! That took will power when we knew we could get a Wharehouse plastic wonder for 99 cents. Maybe we will have that bucket for the rest of our lives!

I got hungry when I was out today and bought a pie, plastic wrap in the bin…

By the way, christmas went well. We gave our nieces and nephews a hand made baking kit and, where possible committed to baking with them and then taking them on a picnic. Seemed to go down well. Oh and we both like our new deoderant from Weleda. Packaged in glass with a spray top. So far so good.

3 thoughts on “January Trial

  1. Hi Wave/Matthew,

    Try a toothpick. Or grass, I’m prety sure I’ve seen peole use some type of grass to pluck the teeth out in the bush. Might have imagined it though. I reiterate my other email, you need a goat, fresh fluffy goat-milk cappucinos, yum. Or a sheep, I hear they’re plentiful in nz.

    This is fun.



  2. Dave and I just tried this Alison Holst Falafel recipe on the weekend, what a treat!! brilliant. I had soaked 2 cups of chickpeas, it made a very large bowl of hummus and equally large falafel mix. beautiful…

    David also perfected his Pita Bread making. So good, give us a call anytime, Dave loves showing peeps how it works.


    yey, send us the link guys, I need a good falafel recipe and I thought I mays well compile a bit of recipe thing on this site.


  3. What do you do about presents? I’m meaning all the packaging that can accompany the presents you receive?

    There isn’t really much you can do apart from recycle what you can. We have noticed that as friends and family have become more aware of what we are up to ‘inappropriately packaged’ items don’t seem to come our way so much. Cheers.


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