Jan 19 Post

Yesterday we went to Bin Inn and did a mammoth shop. I have been lamenting all the extra time needed to shop for food at various local stores when I realized that all of the stuff we buy at Bin Inn are dry goods. So yesterday we bought enough for a month. Hopefully. We bought all sorts of things that I think I know what they are but I actually don’t. We bought pinhead oatmeal, polenta (flour from corn), wheatgerm, wheatbran and stoneground wholemeal flour. With it we will make muesli bars, Irish bread, tortillas and naan. We also bought lentils, chickpeas, cous cous and black beans for dinners; sugar, raisins, sunflower seeds, peanuts and porridge oats; and stacks of baking soda and salt for cleaning etc. A month’s worth for only $65

I have never soaked beans before, and my recipe for cheesy bean burritos said I needed one can of black beans, so I guessed that half a can of dry beans might equal a can of ready to go ones. I think my beans are still expanding and I have well over a cans worth. I’ll try one third next time.Today I went to the Farmers Market in Lyttleton, it was small but had lots of fresh produce, speciality breads, cheeses etc. I had gone hoping to find cheese and honey. The honey I found, 2kg of clover for $11, in a white plastic tub. The guy encourages people to bring their old container back by giving a $1 discount on the next one. I didn’t find any cheese for us though. This means our burritos wont be very cheesy tonight. Tomorrow I might go to Riccarton Market. Fingers crossed. I am really missing cheese!!

We also popped into Piko, (our local organic store) to get detergent, and toilet paper, then a really quick stop at Pak n Save for cans of tomato and corn and some spices. (We can buy spices at Bin Inn but buying the Gregg’s cardboard box range saves time) Again, we bought at least a month’s supply in both of these places. Its good news is how cheap everything is turning out, we really only need to buy fruit and vege now, so we are hoping it will turn out a lot cheaper than the old regime.

3 thoughts on “Jan 19 Post

  1. try the Cheesemonger on Salisbury St -also at the Artsd Centre Market.
    Cheeses there are carefully ripened and will be cut to order.

    The cheeses at both of those places is amazing! Unfortunately however our budget doesn’t stretch to buying enough for lasagna or cheese sauce though 🙂


  2. We buy all our bulk bin dry goods at organic shops(Auckland or Wellington)where they have paper bags for packaging. They also have prepackaged goods in cellophane bags. For those without a water filter at home Huckleberry Farms, Greenlane has (though haven’t been there lately) reverse osmosis filtered water on tap so you can fill your own containers. Better alternative than the backbreaking-sized reusable containers of water on sale at other organic shops.


  3. I don’t know if they can help, but the Barry’s Bay Cheese factory may be able to sell you non plastic wrapped cheese. Phone- 03-304 5809, would have called them myself but live in the UK.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!


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