Week Two – Dinner for Eight

Despite having three degrees and numerous post-grad quals behind us, Waveney and I are still struggling to understand the rudimentary basics of how cyberspace works, and have now, sub-consciously at least, retreated into a wonderful world of internet ignorance. Because psychotherapy has yet to free us from this state, we have relied heavily on two very good friends to help us create our website, leading us to throw a dinner party to thank these wonderful saviours – Geoff and Fi – and also to celebrate the start of Rubbish Free Year.

The idea of a rubbish free dinner party wasn’t actually that frightening. However, the anxiety levels were raised slightly with the realisation that not only did it need to be rubbish free, but also gluten, yeast, dairy and potato free, in order to cater for the dietary requirements of our guests who are also predisposed to a fish eating, vegetarian state of mind. Rubbish Free Year so far, has been sending us down a path of simplicity, with many of the solutions to problems actually being quite simple, the obvious example being to reduce buying things that create waste in the first place. Therefore, this was the approach we took to the dinner party. Cucumber mixed with mint, and tomatoes mixed with basil, made two salads from ingredients found within our garden. Wild rice with various nuts met the carb needs of the meal and for the central dish we went to the fish monger who wrapped a whole salmon in paper (without any cellotape holding it down) which we stuffed with lemons and garlic and cooked in foil (our scrap metal dealer takes foil once cleaned) for 30mins. So all in all the evening was very successful.

This week we received good news on two fronts – cheese and cleanliness. A friend has contacted us and in return for us supplying the milk and some loaves of bread, he is going to make us a block of cheese – gotta love bartering and we’re looking forward to lasagna! Also we received some amazing 100% natural handmade soap this week from Kathryn Bellamy. She is a soap maker from Masterton and her packaging is brilliant – brown paper with string. The soap looks and smells beautiful, Kathryn is contactable at alchemist@goddess.co.nz.

4 thoughts on “Week Two – Dinner for Eight

  1. fish eating, vegetarian state of mind
    Please note that if you eat fish, you are not a vegetarian! This angers a lot of vegetarians and vegans who get fed up with people assuming that you will eat fish. People who eat fish, but no other meat, they are pescetarians.

    Thanks for your comment. However, just to clarify, I did not mean to imply our guests or ourselves are vegetarian. The comment in the blog was merely to convey that the majority of the food we choose to buy and eat is vegetarian food and therefore we have vegetarian leanings in the same way one might lean towards dogs over cats – I don’t mean eating them of course 🙂


  2. Go for it Matthew and Waveney. As far as I’m aware, a vegetarian who eats fish is a vegequarian. I’ve never known anyone to be offended by this word.


  3. Hi Guys
    I have been watching your progress since I saw you on Campbell Live. I have been trying to lessen my waste, compost and recycle for some time now and have found you both to be inspirational. You have pointed me in the right direction giving me solutions to some waste problems I have been stumped on for a long time. I have a long way to go before I reach your dedication. Keep the useful tips coming. My next couple of missions are to find where my nearest scrap metal dealer is, should be easy, and to figure out what I do with the plastic off the beer bottle tops, any ideas?

    Actually we’re not feeling that dedicated in light of your comment! It hadn’t occurred to us about the plastic in the beer bottle lids. When we took them to the scrap metal dealer he just took them which I guess means the plastic gets burnt off in the melting down of the metal. So after discussion, we’ve decided to use the lids to make musical instruments for a kindergarten, essentially screwing them on to a nicely painted bit of wooden pole so they can act like a tambourine. Thanks for highlighting this issue. 🙂


  4. Speaking of bartering- check out the website http://www.justfortheloveofit.org . It’s relatively new, but once there are two or more people in your local area registered, you may exchange skills/tools/space/whatever. So, for example, I make some pretty frickin good marmalade, that must be worth 30mins of gardening? – Less rubbish, less cost, more friends. Sweet.


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