Week 11 – Quality second hand goods

In the interests of saving our elbows from future re-constructive surgery due to continuous hand mashing of hummus and pesto, we have been in the market for a blender. There are plenty of blenders advertised weekly through mailbox circulars, however, there are two issues with these. Firstly, there is the packaging that they generally come with which is unable to be diverted from the landfill and secondly there is the issue of their longevity – low prices are often the result of lower engineering quality. The second hand market solves both of these problems as well as having the pleasant spin off of getting a much better quality item than we could otherwise afford. I mentioned this issue in an article I was asked to write for a sustainable living magazine called ReNew. A few days after it was published we received an email from a reader named Ana, offering us her very good quality blender, which was used a few times for blending and since then for gathering dust. The only problem being she lives in Melbourne, so emails were sent far and wide and our good friend Mike came back offering to transport the blender on a business trip to Christchurch from Melbourne. Consequently, last night we became the adoptive parents of a very sturdy and good quality blender which I’m sure will adjust well to New Zealand life! It’s true that there are 180 blenders currently on Trademe, and also true that some of these might have been in Christchurch, however there is something fantastic about a person saying ‘I have this item which I’m not using and you will, therefore you have it and the knowledge that it is now in a more useful position is payment enough for me.’ I know it all feels very karma-esqe but this is the basis of an amazing program called Freecycle of which thousands are part of, an online network in which people offer items for free in the hope that redistributing goods results in a more efficient use of resources.Check out freecycle.org.

A new item was added to the bag this week. A few days ago, whilst struck with laryngitis I rented a DVD and stopped off at the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine. Wine bottles are recyclable and we’re saving the metal lids for a trip to the scrap metal dealer at the end of the year, unfortunately I didn’t notice the bottle I picked out had a plastic wrapping around the lid which is now the latest item for our rubbish bag…rubbish free moral is don’t shop when sick.

One thought on “Week 11 – Quality second hand goods

  1. Hey Guys…I suggest you try freecycle…Its a forum for people to give away their stuff they don’t need and ask for things they want. I got a house phone recently through it. Although Im not sure it operates in NZ but maybe if not you could start it!


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