Week 14 – plain sailing

The rubbish free challenge is working out to be a lot easier than we expected, in fact it has become so normal for us its kind of gone off our radar. Because of this we have decided to blog every second week rather than every week. The ease of the challenge certainly has come as a surprise to us. Who would have imagined that two normal ‘rubbishy’ people could go from a bag a week to a bag a year!

Once we decided we were serious about living rubbish free in 2008 there certainly was an initial flurry of action. Actually I would go as far as to call it a quantum leap. Before we even started we were busy for two months sourcing products, buying baking equipment and containers, sewing bags, researching where and how to rehome things etc. (Our first couple of blogs detail this more).

But despite all the preparation there we certain things we didn’t start until the start date of the challenge simply because of the enormous power of a habit. For example, I put off an baking until we started because it was so much easier to buy a packet of biscuits than find a recipe and go and buy all the ingredients. And despite doing reconnaissance missions to the local butcher, baker, Bin Inn etc I still rushed out the door and flew around the aisles of the supermarket while I could, thinking to myself I’ll change my habits next week. It was only the start date of the challenge that pushed us to change. Why are habits so powerful? I don’t know, but I guess the good side of it all is that now we have new habits – powerful routines that now make living rubbish free seem second nature. We have also benefited from the accumulated wisdom of all the readers, family and friends that have helped us along the way. Thank you to all of you who have so far given your comments and emails with such great support and encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Week 14 – plain sailing

  1. I think it is really interesting to follow your progress. When you started this challenge I decided to try and see what I could cut back on in the way of rubbish. So far my husband and I have gone from a full 60 litre rubbish bag every week (sometimes even two!), down to one every two weeks. I had an idea about the plastic bits from the broken peg, when I was in school, we use to make picutes out of “rubbish” from home sticking bits and bobs onto paper to make a collage….can the bits not be recycled by giving them to a primary school for those craft days?

    Good point, we already have a collection of bright coloured things for our friend’s pre-school so will send it that way. Cheers.


  2. Hey guys, I’ve been following your progress on this!! I’m so impressed and it is definitely inspiring me!! I can’t wait to get some time to come down to visit and see it in person – school’s been crazy busy. But will definitely make it!
    You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!


  3. The SimpleSavings site had a No Landfill Challenge for April and i surprized myself by going from one rubbish bag a week to one in the last 2 months. Not quite to your challenge but a big change for me. The SS site has saved me heaps financially already this year and have only been a member for around 4 months. Admir what you’re doing. Keep it up.


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