Week 39 – Tired tires

We decided not to blog last week due to it being Labour Day Weekend and we were out of town and for those of you who have noticed our absence from the NZ Herald, we have been bumped in the interests of increased reporting on the election but apparently will reappear after we’ve all voted!

We often get the ‘What do you do about…?’ questions and have generally been surprised at how many we have been able to provide an answer , but they seem to be getting harder!  We were asked this week what we do with our old bicycle tires when they wear out?  Waveney’s tires are getting pretty thin, evidenced by three punctures in just over a month, and so this is an issue we are about to face as we look at getting her some new ones.  We haven’t had any car tires wear out so far this year, but in the past they have come in handy to make potato stacks.  Basically, after stuffing the cavity with newspaper, you plant your potatoes in one and then as the plants grow you add a tire and more soil until you have a stack about six tires high.  Then when it comes time to harvest you just go in reverse removing potatoes as you need them.  The tires make the soil warmer stimulating growth whilst also retaining moisture.  But back to the issue of bicycle tires, if anyone has any suggestions on alternative uses please let us know, we would be very appreciative.  I have found that worn out inner tubes make great tie downs for my surfboard onto the roof racks but haven’t found any uses for the tires yet.

There has been many times this year when we have lamented decisions made either by former owners and tenants of our house, or past Matty and Wave, therefore it is great to acknowledge where past decisions have had a positive impact on reducing our waste.  About two years ago Waveney bought a aluminum water bottle which last week sprung a leak.  At the time she was drawn towards the nicer colours of a range of plastic bottles.  It is hard to know which is more durable, but we are rapt that we can send this bottle to the scrap metal dealer, whereas once the plastic one had reached the end of it’s life, it would have been off to the landfill as it wasn’t recyclable in Christchurch.  The other item that died in the last few weeks was a coat hanger.  At the start of the year we got hold of second hand wooden coat hangers and it was one of these that broke.   The wood was used as kindling to light a fire one evening and the hook will join the water bottle in a trip to the scrap metal dealer, again, a plastic one would have joined the landfill.

4 thoughts on “Week 39 – Tired tires

  1. I have been really enjoying your weekly blog. You are much further on than me but I am making an effort and only putting out our bin every 3 months and even then it is only 1/3 full. But a way to go. Like you, we are both committed bike commuters and the problem of tires is tricky. But what we did do was spend extra money and get the toughest tires on the market and they seem to be lasting much longer. Inner tubes are great for staking plants and trees as they are not rigid.


  2. I have seen on the internet that you can turn the tyres into belts for pants.
    You would need to obtain a belt buckle from a jewellry supplier or a leather belt manufacturer. It would definately be a talking point with friends.
    You guys are are the best!


  3. CONGRATULATIONS on completing your year 🙂 I admire you both very much!

    I’ve only just found this blog so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. But I’ve seen bits and pieces around…you’re truly an inspiration.


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