Week 42 – Canon vs Sony

Firstly, apologies for the complete absence of a blog from us for the past couple of weeks.  A perfect storm of travel, exams, work and life meant that we didn’t get a chance to sit down and write, but the storm has now moved on and the forecast is looking good for future weekly blogs!

One of our trips away was to attend my nephew, Adam’s, 21st birthday.  We decided to purchase Adam a camera, and at the same time look at getting one for ourselves, having previously relied on the goodwill of friends to take digital photos.  After all the comparisons and research was completed we purchased a Sony camera for Adam, and a week later, bought a Canon camera for ourselves.  On getting the Sony camera home and having a wee play with it before wrapping it up, I was struck by the simplicity of the packaging which consisted of a cardboard tray, cables tied with wire ties and that was about it.  Previously, I had rung the store and after explaining our challenge, had asked what packaging came with the Canon camera.  I was told that the packaging was very minimal and, like the Sony, cardboard based.  Therefore, when I purchased the Canon camera it wasn’t until I got home that I found a whole heap of plastic packaging.  It sat in a plastic tray, cables tied with wire ties were then sealed in plastic bags and the CD rom and manuals were also in individual plastic bags.  So our rubbish collection has increased.  We were reluctant to apply our standard practice of purchasing second hand products to the camera mainly because of the lack of warranties and the possibility of it having been dropped or damaged in it’s previous life, however, in looking at the unnecessary packaging, maybe two Sony cameras would have been a better idea!

In keeping with our decision to not put off any projects or activities around the house till after the challenge has finished, this week we have embarked on dismantling our glasshouse.  The glasshouse is a wooden construction about 40yrs old, measuring 5m x 4.8m and although veges certainly grow well in there we have found it to be too large, ugly and time consuming in maintainence.  After many conversations we’ve decided to get rid of it, convert that area into a semi-forest and enlarge the chicken coop.  Over the past few days I’ve built two new raised beds outside, closer to the house, and have transplanted from the glasshouse to there.  Although it would be no problem disposing of the glass, the wooden frame has been painted and the timber may be treated, therefore, we can not use it as firewood.  The problem was solved however, after I placed an ad in our local Freecycle group.  Freecycle is a geographically based Yahoo group that enables you to list, and view, items to be given away for free.  People are able to view the items and then email if they would like them.  The first person to make contact is then given an address from where to pick the item up.  In our case six people were interested in the glasshouse.  The result is that our glasshouse will be off to Dunsandel, 40mins from Christchurch, with the new owner coming over this weekend to begin deconstruction.  It is a great win – win situation, with the glasshouse not really being of great monetary value, except to someone who has the considerable time and energy it will take to complete the project, whilst at the same time saving the landfill from additional waste and reusing a resource…awesome!

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