Week 44-Flying away

I had a great birthday surprise last weekend, we did go camping but with a twist.  On Saturday morning Isacc, a friend of ours who recently passed his commercial pilot’s license, knocked on our door.  I instantly thought to myself, things have taken a positive turn… sure enough Matthew announced that we were off on a scenic flight around Christchurch.  The plane was a Piper Cub – a tiny canvas two-seater from the 1930-40’s. As it was not big enough for three we left Matthew at home. After looping around Christchurch Isacc asked me if I wanted to go a little farther south to check out Lake Ellesmere, great I said.  Then he made up another excuse to get us further south until we could see Timaru in the distance.  I asked for water and Isacc said he didn’t bring any but that since we were almost there we could fly to Timaru for a cup of tea.  I was totally sucked in, and when we arrived at the airport I was amazed to see Matthew and Jess (dog) smiling and waving at us.  Matty had raced us down in the car! After that Isacc flew home and we started our camping adventure, which I won’t go into but it was a totally fantastic time.  There we have it, a rubbish free birthday.  Bit of fuel though, hmmm…I guess consumption is what makes special occasions special.  Actually that’s a statement open to attack, perhaps I should retract it?  ….

On our way back we stopped for coffee in Geraldine.  When walking around the shops I was drawn by big SALE signs and before I knew it I was having quite an amazing shopping experience.  I am so glad I found it.  From what I could gather it is called the ‘100% made in New Zealand’ store.  (Although I haven’t been able to find them on line, including white pages).  It is a chain of stores and if you are lucky you’ll have one in your location.  As the the name suggests the store only sells clothing made in New Zealand.  What I really like about it is that it brings together a wide range of labels, like Swandry and Chalky Digits; and products – almost as handy as being in a department store.  A good range of mens and womens ware, jackets through to underwear.  Most items are made from natural fibers, which unlike synthetics are rubbish free because they break down.  However the most noteworthy thing for me in the shop was a complete lack of plastic. The tags were usually attached with string or ribbon or the like and when I made a purchase  (two Merino thermals for $30!!) I got a little paper bag.  A very thoughtful shop, I thought, and well worth a shout out.

Well that’s about it.  From your comments  we have decided that our big blob of paint is a big blob of synthetic rubbish and so we will be adding it to our bag.  And I am also finally sick of our muesli bar recipe that we have been making all year and am now endulging in baking white flour, sugary things instead.  Last week I made a sponge with jam and cream and as I write I am eatting a slice of apricot flan.  Its great!

One thought on “Week 44-Flying away

  1. Hi Wave & Matty
    We have now caught up on reading your blogs that weren’t printed in the NZH during the election process. Sad about the glasshouse – it was a lovely place of retreat – but Dad says it’s good that there will be no more maintenance needed in that regard. Love you heaps


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