Week 46: Peace be upon the recyclers

We had Campbell Live here with us this week, some of you would have seen it last Thursday night.  They requested that we have a Christmas tree.  So we found a young self-seeded one on Matthew’s parent’s property and borrowed our mates Christmas decorations!  There we go, secrets out.  It did look really good on telly though.  Even though we are actually finishing on January 31, because their show finished last week they covered the ”finish” a few weeks out.  Still, things are coming to an end rather quickly.  It was great watching our whole year summarised in 5 minutes – if you’re more of a visual person then I suggest you ditch reading this right now and just check out the TV3 website we are under news.  A picture tells a thousand words and they always do such a great job.

Guess what everyones getting for Christmas this year? (Family – skip this paragraph if you will.)  If you took the time I’m sure you could guess actually… Everyone’s getting either a gift hamper or baking – all products from Bin Inn.  We’ve got cane baskets and we’ll wrap everything in cellophane or little brown paper bags.  Cellophane, for those like me who had never given it much thought, is not plastic.  Its the same stuff that jellybeans and jetplanes are made of – ground calf hooves.  Therefore it breaks down.  But you have to be careful because a lot of cellophane apparently now has plastic mixed with it.   We will fill our hampers with macadamia nuts, cashews, dried apricots, mangoes and cranberries etc, chocolate and lollies.   We also thought another nice rubbish free gift we could produce was baking.  Using flour, cocoa, sugar etc from Bin Inn and eggs from our very own chooks.  Last week I made an absolutely decadent chocolate cake with cream and chocolate filling – yes we can use cream, the plastic’s recyclable.  We had a really healthy year this year avoiding packaging and processed foods – but it didn’t have to be that way – some lollies, chocolate, butter, cream and sugar are still on this list – so long as you know where to shop and /or how to deal with the packaging you could actually get fat living rubbish free.  I am sure that’s a heartening thought for some.

Merry Christmas everyone.  I know Christmas has different meanings to different people, but one thing we can all agree on is this:  Christmas is not, definitely not,  about rubbish.  So peace be upon those who compost the leftovers and blessings to all who fold and recycle their Christmas wrapping paper.

2 thoughts on “Week 46: Peace be upon the recyclers

  1. Hello there, gosh nearly a year already, what will we do without our weekly reading.Will you be buying tacos first when it’s all over?

    Yeah the year has rushed on by ay. We still have 6 more blogs till the 31st of January so hopefully they remain interesting for you. You know we really are not hanging out for the challenge to finish and there isn’t anything we are holding off buying till it does, although maybe Wave might be keen on some cheese! We are wrapt that it has become so ingrained and habitual which was the original point. Cheers.


  2. “Cellophane, for those like me who had never given it much thought, is not plastic. Its the same stuff that jellybeans and jetplanes are made of – ground calf hooves. Therefore it breaks down.”

    This shocked me when I read it in the Herald – as a vegan I’m used to finding animal products in unexpected places, but even so, was a bit grossed out by the idea of wrapping presents in dead animals. Thankfully, I think you must have been confused on this point – cellophane is made out of cellulose (i.e. plant fibre) and I can’t find anything online that suggests it’s related to gelatine.

    Merry Christmas to you both.


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