Week 49 – Happy New Year!

 As our Rubbish Free Year draws to a close, with just three weeks to go till the end of the challenge, the most commonly asked question has changed from “What do you do about…?” to “What will happen once your year is up?”.  Currently, we have three responses.

Firstly, rather than feeling like we are now winding down to the the end of the challenge we have been talking about how our new habits feel very sustainable longer term.  We are not hanging out for the challenge to end and we have no plans whatsoever to rush out and buy anything we couldn’t get whilst the challenge was on. We are absolutely stoked by this, as the whole point of our challenge was to create new habits that became so ingrained that they require very little energy to keep going, leaving us free to concentrate on other aspects of our lifestyle where we might lighten the load on the earth and humanity.

Secondly, the Rubbish Free Year website has become a great venue for the exchange of ideas and tips on living rubbish reduced lifestyle and so we absolutely plan to keep it going.  In addition there has been some requests from various businesses for Waveney and I to engage with them in order to raise their awareness of ways they can reduce rubbish being created both as office spaces but also as manufacturers of products ultimately destined for the landfill.  We are really excited about this because we are not advocating for a return to 1950s lifestyles, but rather, would love to see technology exploited to it’s full potential to enable a more sustainable use of resources employed in products we use daily.

Finally, it is time for a party! We are inviting all the people that helped make the year what it was,  and are planning for it to be completely rubbish free.  People say it can’t be done, but we think that if anyone can, it might be us!  We figure its a great way to both example to everyone how we do it and to kick back and celebrate this amazing year.  Any rubbish free party ideas and tips would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Week 49 – Happy New Year!

  1. You could ask everyone to bring a plate of homemade goodies, no bones allowed, and specify no glad wrap etc. be used while transporting the goods. If it’s not eaten then they could take home the leftovers to eat the next day. Also drinks should only be in containers which can be recycled, or instead could be homemade. When clearning up from a party it is mainly drink bottles and food scraps that are the worst of the rubbish, as long as you are not using plastic cups and plates!

    Have you thought of touring and doing some Rubbish Free seminars around New Zealand?


  2. If you wanted alcohol for the party you could hire a keg rather than bottles – the empty keg gets reused when picked up from the liquor supplier – and get everyone to bring their own mug/plate/knife and fork to the party too so you don’t have throwaway crockery and cutlery!


  3. Hi Guys, I just discovered your blog site and want to add my congratulations too.
    I live in Bangkok, Thailand and I started doing a project two years ago ‘living with my rubbish’. I did it for two months and became acutely aware of how much rubbish our daily city life creates. I am thinking of doing it as a blog from April 2010 for a year. Your challenge was much more difficult by living with out it. Well done!
    Ivan M. Paton

    Well done Ivan. We’d highly recommend doing a blog, it keeps you that bit more accountable when will power starts to falter. Let us know if you do decide to go ahead with it.


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