Week 50 – Ordinary, thoughtless and rubbish free.

We have been enjoying having extra family  around over the holiday period.  One day, after taking the nieces and nephews climbing we spontaneously invited everyone back to ours for lunch. With out any thought, we bought pies, fizzy drinks and juice for the kids.  Then when we got home produced tomato sauce, tea, coffee and some green salad leftovers.  All very normal right?  I  thought to myself as we were eating, I bet when people think about a rubbish-free lifestyle they don’t have this in mind.  I bet you imagine us more at Bin Inn, scooping up lentils (and that will be because you can find us doing as such…).  I think we have even tended to write about that stuff more because it is different.  But its just like taking photos.  We take shots of ourselves at parties and on holidays and then, when we look back at all the photos, it looks like we’ve never worked a day in our life.

any rubbish?So, when we were having lunch, I suddenly jumped up and took a photo.  I wanted to capture one of the normal, quiet victories of our rubbish free year.  I say ‘victory’  because it was ordinary, and thoughtless, and rubbish free.  Imagine if every ethically driven consumption decision had those three qualities.  After lunch I composted leftover bits of pies, smoothed the brown paper bags to be reused or recycled,  rinsed and squashed the plastic beverage bottles and put the tomato sauce bottle away – noting that it wasn’t quite ready for a refill.  We’ve had the same sauce bottles, olive and canola oil bottles, salt shakers, jif bottle, honey container and peanut butter container all year.  So it all looks normal, and happily feels normal, but there is something suspiciously sustainable  going on.

We continue to plan our wee party,  it looks like I might be able to borrow tumblers from the local church hall and hire wine glasses for $50.  I have even looked into getting a keg!  Seems a bit of over kill for a Sunday afternoon get together but they do come in different sizes 🙂 and what could embody the rubbish free philosophy more?  We plan to launch our Rubbish Free Consultancy Service at the party too.  We are in the final stages of producing a Rubbish Free DVD,  writing a completely rubbish free guide book and compiling a kit of essential products for being rubbish free.  While we intend to tailor our services as needed, we think our DVD, guide book and Rubbish Free Kit are a great little pre-made package. We have pitched it for a ‘non rubbish focused’ audience – no point preaching to the converted.  Having said that, hopefully all but the zero rubbish household or workplace will find the resources useful.

3 thoughts on “Week 50 – Ordinary, thoughtless and rubbish free.

  1. Congratulations on what has been a real fantastic year. This week, I’m celebrating the first anniversary of my challenge too and I can’t believe how much has changed, just from focusing on my rubbish.

    Well done guys on everything you’ve achieved and good luck with your new venture. 😀


  2. I love your analogy to taking photos – how we only highlight the “interesting things” and forget about the everyday things. Looking forward to hearing more about your info package about how we can all be more “suspiciously sustainable” as well.


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