Zero waste crackers, muesli bars and other treats can be made at home without any plastic at all.

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Books v eBooks

Make the most of your library and local book swapping programmes. Thanks to Nicola for suggesting we check out Good Books. Based in Ponsonby, Auckland, nobody working there gets paid and 100% of the profits go to support projects in collaboration with Oxfam! By partnering with the Paperback Shop in the UK they can supply over 4million…

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Buying from a specialist cheese monger often means they are cutting your cheese off a larger round and therefore it can be put in your own container.

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We use a dishwashing brush from eco-store. It is a reusable wood and metal handle with a disposable wooden head with natural bristles.

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When shopping consider what will happen to your clothes at the end of their usability. Non-natural fibres won’t break down for hundreds of years. Consider buying organic cotton,

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t is now really quite easy to get great tasting coffee that is fresh, organic, fair trade, and with sustainable packaging which is awesome.

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The easiest, most dramatic way to reduce the amount of material going to landfill is to deal with food and organic waste at home.

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Thanks to Peter for letting us in on his secret recipe for deodorant, which having met Peter personally I can assure you works just fine!

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When purchasing try and go for natural materials as much as possible such as from these designers. Buy the best quality you can afford for durability…

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Why can’t you recycle window glass in the recycling bin? Can you recycle broken window glass in nz?

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Purchase wooden pegs so that when they break they can be either composted or burnt.

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Can dog poo be safely dealt with on your property? How to build your own composting dog poo toilet.

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Although your arteries might disagree, from a rubbish point of view there is no problems fish ‘n chips and pizza as the paper or box can be recycled, composted once shredded, or burned. For Chinese, Thai, Indian etc take your own container, maybe even reusing one they gave you originally, and pass it over when…

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