Although recycling alcohol bottles and cans are no problem, you can reduce your impact significantly by avoiding single drink containers where possible. If you are a spirits drinker you can feel self righteous as an open bottle wont go off or go to waste no matter how long it takes to empty. Its also worth considering brewing your own beer and reusing the containers. This is a great choice environmentally because it also cuts down on carbon emissions. Its not hard if you choose to go the cheats method and use ‘ready mix’ options (wouldn’t win awards but this is not a craft beer blog).

Winning suggestion submitted by Jodee (1/6/10) is;

“Use the ‘swap a crate’ method for beer. Then you can make a beer cap back door mat by nailing the caps from the bottles upside down on a thinish piece of wood (particle board). You scrap your dirty work boots on this mat and it helps remove the mud.”