Avoid – The best thing for the environment is to avoid buying new appliances. Realistically we can’t live without the basics but I do avoid as much as I can and really enjoy the extra space in the kitchen. No bread-makers, rice-cookers, waffle makers or yogurt makers for us. I prefer to do it by hand if I can or buy an appliance that can do as many things as possible. Check out our life hack bread and yogurt recipes.

Quality – To reduce landfill rubbish buy the best quality you can afford, and try to buy items made of steel rather than plastic, most notably jugs and toasters.

Repair – If something does break, it could be repaired; try a yellow pages search, e.g. appliance repairs, or try re-homing it through Freecycle or with a no reserve Trade Me auction to someone who can use the parts or has the skills to repair the item and keep it going. 

DVD Player – Eric wrote in with this great suggestion: “An old DVD player might not play DVD’s anymore, but more than likely can still play audio CD’s, so take it off the TV and connect it to the sound system.”

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76074333@N00/3852454911