Lindsay Miles from Treading my Own Path has a great zero waste cracker recipe. And we love the muesli bar recipe from Wasteless Pantry.

For bread, check out our life hack no knead bread recipe here, (which is also pilfered from the internet, I’ve just baked it thousands times). This is 100%-believe-me-real-life-hack-bread making. Best bread. Easier than dealing with parking at the supermarket.

Don’t forget to consider the packaging the raw ingredients come in. Bin Inn and other refilleries will have everything you need. Sugar, flour and butter can be bought in paper. Butter paper can’t be recycled and takes a long time in the compost – if you have a worm farm take all the butter off and put it in there. The worms are one off the only ways I know of for the waxed paper to be returned to the earth.

Speaking of which, avoid baking paper. This might mean learning again how to cook without it. You might need to experiment with buttering or oiling surfaces and finding a tray or tin that work well.

When buying baking equipment ask yourself how you will dispose of it at the end of its life, if it is durable and multi-purpose and if you really need it. Goodbye Ice Age Themed plastic cookie cutters.

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