We use a dishwashing brush from eco-store. It is a reusable wood and metal handle with a disposable wooden head with natural bristles. We just throw the head in the compost when worn out, never to be seen again!

Cotton dish cloths are easy enough to find or make, we wash ours regularly to keep it clean. Cotton is a natural material and will break down in either your compost or pit.  Goldilocks (steelo type thing) just comes in a cardboard box and can be taken to a scrap metal dealer when finished with it.Make your own cleaners perhaps using these recipes. We had hoped to channel a bit of the ol’ pioneer spirit and gain a sense of achievement through making our own cleaners. What we hadn’t expected, was the great sense of empowerment that also comes with the realization that we don’t have to purchase all this stuff, and that it is in fact a choice when we do, rather than a necessity. The most difficult part of all of these recipes is the inertia of actually doing it for the first time.Thanks to Jill for letting us know that she cleans her windows & mirrors with newspapers: “You fill up a bucket with water – I use cold – add a bit of vinegar and rub down your windows with the soaked newspaper. You can do this a few times and then rub it dry with newspaper. It seems to work better than the spray bottle.” Fill your own container with cleaners at the Bin Inn or another bulk food store. Buy environmentally friendly, NZ made, brands such as B_E_E or EcoStore.