Surprisingly we didn’t find it that hard to stop using cling film. For left over’s we either just put a plate over them in a bowl, or use Tupperware or ice cream containers. For those who are finding it hard to get rid of completely from their lives, cling film can be used repeatedly. Just wash and rinse it before spreading it on the fridge door to dry, where you can also rub it flat with a tea towel.A great solution to avoiding cling film with sandwiches is to purchase ‘Sandwich Wraps’. These are reuseable material wraps with a velcro strip for keeping the sandwiches together and very fresh. They can be washed in the washing machine.Thanks to Megan from Christchurch who wrote in saying, “Another alternative to clingwrap is a see-through showercap or elasticised bowl covers (available through some stores). Although plastic, they can be safely reused again and again, as long as you wash and dry them between uses. Great for liquids or if you want to keep, for eg, baked lasagne in the fridge before reheating it.”