It is now really quite easy to get great tasting coffee that is fresh, organic, fair trade, and with sustainable packaging which is awesome. Chances are that your local café sells either ground or roasted beans. If not here are two places we can personally recommend, let us know of others; ·       Auckland: Kokako have three blends which includes a decaf option. They have a café at 537 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. ·       Christchurch: Its hard to go past the Addington Coffee Coop for great drinks, food, and atmosphere. Buy online or drop into the café at 297 Lincoln Road. If you can’t make it into your favourite roaster with your paper bag, how about giving these guys a go? Caffe Prima have developed a biodegradable, compostable foil bag – and with them selling about 90,000 bags of coffee a year that’s not a bad thing!  For instant coffee, take your own container to a bulk food store, get it weighed at the counter and then fill it up from the bulk bins…easy! Try looking at this photo and not wanting to rush out for a cuppa…impossible surely! 

They're doing it wrong!

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