Check the bottom of the containers for a number, generally in a triangle from 1 – 7. Depending on where you live depends on what numbers your Council accepts for recycling.You can check easily through this government website.  In many parts of the country dairy containers are not recyclable, they weren’t when we did our challenge. Instead of margarine we used butter. Butter paper can be composted or burnt, but because it is waxed, not recycled. Clearwater Organic Yoghurt containers can be given back to the retailer who will return them to the producer for re-use. For cheese, try your local farmers market.The only viable alternative, that we’ve found, to using plastic containers either for storage, or for purchasing items such as meat from the butcher, are these stainless steel ones from Life Without Plastic. This is a Canadian business which develops alternatives to plastic. Unfortunately, it is a long way away which raises issues of carbon miles and freight costs. If you think you might be interested please let us know through the ‘Contact Us‘ page.Thank you to Liz from Upper Hutt who emailed saying: I’m the third generation of Tupperware products. If you know these products they literally last a lifetime – and carry a lifetime guarantee. See
My grandma used to work in a second hand shop – and i would watch her find a slightly cracked tupperware container, give it to the tupperware dealer and get a brand new one! I too have just bought a container from trade me, and am waiting for the new replacement from the tupperware dealer! Some of my grandmother’s tupperware is over 40 years old, and amazingly retro, but it lasts.