To buy bulk whole foods you need to know where to shop and you need your own bags and jars.

Firstly, hooray, there are more and more bulk food shops opening, called “Refilleries” these days. (Who could have anticipated that bulk food would become fashionable ten years ago). At the time of writing, I can suggest:

  • Bin Inn, an owner/operator run cooperative, nz wide.
  • Bulk Barn stores can be found in Wanganui, Gisborne, Henderson, New Lynn and Onehunga.
  • The Source, Australian owned refillery, making zero waste shopping extremely pleasant – and organic. Stores currently in North Shore and Kumeu.
  • GoodFor, NZ owned refillery, also off the charts pleasant and organic. Stores currently in centralish Auckland.
  • Don’t forget your supermarket, nice easy way to get some stuff 🙂
  • Local organic stores often have a really good range of bulk bins too.

Its only zero waste if you don’t take their brand new sparkling zip lock bag. Here are some ideas

  • Use the fruit produce bags for larger grained items; or make your own bags, cotton is excellent*.
  • Some stores, usually the organic ones, have brown paper bags, which are zero waste if you compost them.
  • The stores typically encourage you to bring your own containers in. Just be sure to get the staff to weigh them, and write the weight on it prior to your filling them.
  • Reusing ANY bag you happen to have around.
  • Reusing bottles, if buying oil or vinegar etc.

TIP: If you number your bags 1-20. When you are in the store, rather than write the bin number on the bag you can write it in a notebook next to the bag’s number.

Last thing to consider, have containers at home to transfer items into.