Fruit and vegetables is easy! But its amazing how often plastic and other packaging is involved.

Go fresh and loose, (sounds like bad dating advice). The bags article has some suggestions for replacing the thin plastic bags on a roll in supermarkets.

Avoid anything already in bags, or cut in half and wrapped in cling-film, or fruit with stickers and of course, anything in on styrofoam trays. “Fresh and loose” also means slowly changing the way you eat to move away from frozen and canned and toward eating more seasonally and locally, to go with what’s available at that time.

Another option is to sign up for an organic vege box delivery scheme. We can recommend Ooooby, who have a plastic free policy. No stickers on their fruit!

Another option is to get into growing it, bottling it and freezing it. This is fun and really healthy if you are in the right space for it. See the Gardening article for more.