Firstly check out Ela Gale, for videos on how to make your own. She nails this! It all looks too good to be true, but then, maybe we have been a bit sucked into thinking we need to buy the best stuff. Cucumber and alo vera are as good as it gets for skin.

Markets are a great way to buy moisturiser, soap, lip balms, deodorant etc, because you can talk to the vendor and often return containers for refill and exchange.

Otherwise investigate ecostore, Go Native or do some googling. There are heaps out there, I don’t use a lot so this isn’t a great article sorry. Be aware of organic companies that still package in plastic everything, and conversely of companies that look great, and only use paper etc, but the ingredients aren’t safe or sustainable. Watch out for palm oil, if companies can’t tell you clearly the outcomes of what they are doing to avoid dirty palm oil (that clears virgin tropical rainforest, causes extinctions and fast tracks global warming) then they’ll be part of all the smoke and mirrors. Palm Oil is in over half of all packaged goods in New Zealand supermarkets.

Thanks to Amy who wrote; Go Native supply all natural, mostly organic, skin and body care products, a lot of ‘ingredients’ that you can use to make your own, as well as their ‘bases to go’. I buy a bulk supply of shampoo, conditioner, flowing soap etc which all comes in paper and cardboard packaging, and recylable containers. You can then dispense into a smaller container and top up with water as they are highly highly concentrated. Chelsea and Elinor who run gonative are great at answering questions and giving advice, plus they are really committed to being low-impact.”