Totally essential! But I find it so hard to enjoy plastic wrapped treats knowing its a trade off of thousands of years of plastic for those few happy minutes. So, in order of easy…

Buying single serve treats:

  • Ice cream in a cone from your local dairy.
  • Look out for brands or products the come completely in paper or cardboard, like Tip Top Trumpets.

Buying ice cream from supermarket:

  • Tip Top do a one litre in a cardboard box. Hooray for them. (And Tip Top are also palm oil free)

Make your own:

  • It is actually so easy to do this. I found an ice block mould set in an op shop. The easiest thing is just to pour fruit juice in. Countless recipes abound online. Even better, squish fruit, saves the packaging from the juice.
  • There are also lots of ice cream recipes online. I used to make it when I was a kid with just two ingredients, a can of evaporated milk and sugar. I used a blender to whip it up and then froze and it was great, I even used to sell it!! (I gave Mr Whippy a run for his money once). I have found this recipe, which has the same two ingredients but whips 4 or 5 times. I would try it with just one whip, seems fussy.
  • With any recipe, consider the packaging of the ingredients you are using and make sure you are ahead. Even if its not zero, might be less.