In order of awesomeness:

  • Refill your glass bottle. If only! you say. Well I keep hearing of raw milk refilling stations or people setting up pasteurised milk stations, so keep an eye out. Hannah & Liam, from the Rubbish Trip are good at keeping up to date, so perhaps check out their regional zero waste shopping guides.
  • Choose glass. Also hard to find. But some brands in some stores do it.
  • Go for the largest container you can and freeze any of it you don’t think you’ll get through. Glass and plastic both are fine to freeze but leave room at the top for it to expand. Milk is absolutely unaffected by freezing.
  • Avoid cartons (tetra-paks). They are a composite material and not easily recycled.
  • If you do go for tetra-paks, could you find a large scale tree planting organisation that uses them for raising seedlings, like Trees for Canterbury.