To recycle at kerbside you need to know what is accepted in your area. Every major council in New Zealand has online information on what and how to recycle. So many people think an item can be recycled if it has a recycling symbol on it, but what does the manufacturer, (often in China, shipping globally), know about the recycling facilities in your home town?

Can all glass be accepted in your area? Or just glass jars and bottles?

Should you keep the lid on or off?

Can you recycle milk cartons?

Get online and find out. Here’s a couple of hook ups for the Aucklanders, General guidelines for Auckland kerbside recycling and the Auckland guide for How to get rid of unwanted items.

China finally getting sick of our crap. Good on them. What we can and can’t recycle might change because of this and it may cause a bit of a “materials” problem. This can make some people a bit grumpy, I like to remind myself that any problems we may have are caused by the manufactures who make single use containers and packets and the consumers who buy them. Councils get off lightly in my book, why should rate payers pick up the tab?