For menstruation, incontinence and babies! Hope you don’t mind me throwing it all in together. If this is a new topic for you can I encourage you to give reusables a go, they are soooo good. Over the course of your babies first years or a life time of periods you will spend thousands of dollars creating thousands of near immortal toxic little surprises for the next few generations to deal with.

Reusables are hygienic, convenient, and work really well. But they are different to what you might be used to, and perhaps you don’t know anyone else doing it, and that’s the real barrier. Buying what you need and learning what to do is the “hill” you have to get over, but its EASY on the other side.

Options include mooncups and pads for periods; and a wide range of nappies for poos and wees. New Zealanders, check out Kate Mead’s megasite, Waste Free with Kate. It has everything!!