Avoid disposable razors and electric razors by buying a quality double blade shaver, like what your grandfather used to use. The blades can be sent to the scrap metal dealer as can the shaver, but it’ll be your kids kids doing that if you buy a good quality one!

We use razors made in NZ by the good fellas at Goodfella, they don’t currently have website, so check out Fine Shave for lots of other great options. The razors themselves are a fantastic investment, holding a lifetime guarantee and they also stock all the other shaving paraphernalia you might need. For the blades we buy either Personna or Bic blades from which come in just paper and cardboard packaging.

Thanks to Peter for letting us know how to extend the life of the blades; “I put mine in olive oil between shaves. This extends the life a huge amount (I change blades less frequently than I change toothbrushes). This is the same principle as wiping garden tool blades with oil – keeps them really sharp.”

Peter was also able to tell us about a shaving oil he has been using as an alternative to shaving soap; “On a recent trip to UK I was given some shaving oil. This comes in a 12ml bottle and lasts for 90 shaves. You just use 3-4 drops per shave. I was given a bottle in May and am still using it in August. This is great as much less waste than traditional shaving gel or foam. Is made from vegetable oil and essential oils so also fewer nasty chemicals. This shaving oil is called Somersets and comes from According to their website it is available in all supermarkets here in NZ (but I have not noticed here before).”


For underarm, leg and bikini waxing, sugar waxing works well. It’s an easy DIY “wax” made of sugar, water and lemon juice, and uses cotton strips that are washed and reused with (reportedly) much less pain then ‘normal’ waxes.

2 cups sugar

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients in a pot and boil the mixture, stirring frequently, until it’s about 120 degrees, or until a drop of it in a glass of cold water forms a ball that holds the shape (it takes about 1/2 hour). Then pour into a glass jar and let cool about 30 more minutes. Then with the back of a knife spread a little bit of the mixture on your legs/underarms/etc., and use strips of cotton to remove just like waxing. An old pillowcase works very well. At the end you can wash the cotton strips in warm water, let them sit until the sugar is dissolved and voila’, ready for next time when all you have to do is warm them up in the water. 

Laser treatment

Just saying. Deal with it once and for all.