We now get loose leaf straight from our local organic refillery. Its so expensive its made me realise I was wasting tea by putting too much in the pot. Perhaps that might not seem like a good ad for buying organic loose leaf, so be it. I’d rather drink less tea and enjoy the quality, and know its saving the environment from herbicide and pesticide.

But I digress. What really matters to us here is the tea bag. Apparently most tea bags have a blend of plastic through the paper bag to make it stronger, so they might not be as good as we think in the compost. Also, if your bag is white it is bleached, and the bleach isn’t great for us or the place where the byproducts get dumped. So loose leaf for me!

Its also hard to get hold of tea without the plastic-foil packet. Experiment with different brands but buying from a bulk store solves the issue if you can.

If going “loose” is too much for you right now, then just go for bags that aren’t individually wrapped.

…And if you do go for individually wrapped check its paper (right through, so rip it to see if you can see any other layer) and then compost it. Don’t put it in the rubbish (paper + landfill =global warming).


All of the above.

Don’t use those coffee pod machines. It doesn’t matter that George Clooney is handsome or that there are recycling programmes for them. Recycling is for when we are stuck, we weren’t stuck with coffee, we had lots of great options. Sorry to grump. Its well known that coffee pods make zero waste enthusiasts grumpy.

My favourite way to buy coffee is from Kōkako because they have clearly said what their packaging is made of AND what to do with it, and there is more info on their website. Awesome.

Take-a-way cups

Beware the disposable coffee cup, regardless of what it says on it. There are so many types and its so confusing, especially with PLA so common now. PLA is a vegetable based plastic that doesn’t behave like a vegetable or plastic so noone ever knows what to do with it.

The best thing you can do is sit down.

The second best thing is to get a reusable coffee cup. I like Ideal Cup because they are a New Zealand company; and I like Keep Cup because they have plastic-free glass option.