We challenged ourselves to live without rubbish for a year when we realised that our everyday “normal” ways of consuming were driving global environmental problems. Here’s some of the inspiration.

The Story of Stuff: 22min online movie about where stuff comes from. Deals with the big picture of our production consumption model. American made but tells a global story, particularly relevant to any Western ‘consumer’.

Take this quiz to find out how many worlds would we need if everyone lived like you. Really easy, visual and really, really informative.

Photographic artist, Chris Jordan, has made visual representations of the number of cell phones thrown away every day, or the number of plastic water bottles thrown every 5 mins etc. Also has some non-rubbish related images, but mostly relevant and a very powerful way of grasping the issues of consumerism globally (all stats are from USA).

Stuart McMillen’s 2009 cartoon explains why it is important that we view the economy as being held within the environment, rather than the inverse.